Newsletter design & Development

Newsletter Marketing consist one of the most effective and cheap ways to expand your customer list. Keep in touch and inform your customers…


Domain name resrevations

iservices offers domain names services with reliability. It consist a credible contributor for you domain name, using a secure control panel…


Web design and website development

We develop & design dynamic websites, adjusted on the needs and requests of our clients, targeting on the highest benefit of the network…


E-shop design & development

We develop & design e-shops (e-commerce), choosing the platform that will fit each clients needs, using all the tools to promote your products…


SEO – social media e-marketing

We create SEO for your website, so ti can be promoted to search engines, benefit from social media and we train you on how to use them…


New technologies at your service

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Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων, e-shop και εφαρμογών

The efficiency of internet projects is not a simple one way project. Everyone has specific needs and different marketing strategy. Iservices handles all the features (based on your individual needs) so your services or products would be attractive and properly promoted, to the target group of your company.

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Online delivery System for orders

Gain new clients with online delivery application of iservices and present your menu for modern websites, mobiles and tablets…


Mobile apps – mobile sites (iOS & android)

We develop mobile applications and mobile site adjusted on your needs for iOS (iphone, ipad) or android (smartphones & tablets)…


Hotels online booking reservation platform

Online Booking system, with the feature of channel management, GDS and IDS, and many e-marketing tools, for your hotel reservations…


Online meeting & webinars platform

With the online meeting channel of iservices you can arrange live seminars (webinars) or online courses or interactive meetings…


Elearning applications, online training

Elearning application for real time and online distance teaching and training using moodle, guru or wordpress LMS, based on your needs…


Web development with all the platforms

We adjust all kind of platforms based on your needs

Social media
Google analytics
Google adwords

Our portfolio is the best ad

«Every project is a success», thats our motto

Every project is a result of a strategic analysis of your needs, promoting the benefits of each client, giving attractive results and pointing to the target group gaining all the benefits of the worldwide market.

10 tools for your benefit

What can every service provide

Are you familiar with the power of the network?

32,7% of people wolrdwide uses internet, and on EU the users come up to 79% and 60% in Greece. Usually they use internet for:

Search for information 91%
News update 77%
Shop online 71%
Use social media 65%
The modern and well designed dynamic website (or e-shop) is the first step you have to do to impress internet users.

Lets see what else you can do to lure your visitors.

You can use transparent videos. Your site come alive and the visitor can see youm an assosiate or an proffesional actor, welcome him to the website.

Create and publish nice, guidance multimedia applications. We can develop them specifically for your needs. You can also use the power of photorealistic applications

Do you have impressive facilities; Do you want to advertise the view on your buildings; Do you want to tour the users to your state;
Create a Virtual tour (360˚) application!

If you have a lot of videos you can have your own webtv that will help users find what they seek and will promote your presentations.

Do not forget that the most important issue on a website is the content. Ask our Journalists’ Team to create powerfull and proper content to promote your services and profile

The efficient promotion on network requires the know how against your competitors, users’ needs for your products or services and what are the specific words of phrazes they use to search for your products or services.

We can offer this study and present you the arsenal you will need to succeed. Learn what you need for a website or e-shop that will benefit your company. Ask us to evaluate your website for free and suggest improvements.

You can use autodialer method to sent recorded messages to your target group, create proper questionnaires, assign us your market research for products and services, create and promote gallops for politicians and voters.

Use properly all the different ways to cant with your target group. Ask for a dynamic interactive website, eshop or mobile application. Update often your social media profile pages.

Make sure that your newsletter is properly designed, update your recipients list and start sending updates for your business plan with the most efficient way.

Send SMS using iservices’ desktop application on very low price. Create you channel on iservices’ online meeting platform and organize seminars and training sessions.

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