e-learning: Remote digital training platform


Create an e-learning website, fully responsive on smartphones and tablets

An e-learning website will be dynamic, impressive attractive, friendly to search engines and easy to administrate from you and your partners. It will be designed with Joomla or WordPress CMS in a manner to:

  1. Harness the connection capability with LMS Moodle Platform which offers the joomdle plugin.
  2. Use a more economic and light, Joomla’s LMS GURU Platform with great possibilities on e-learning services.
  3. Use WordPress’s LMS Platform (same potential as Joomla’s LMS GURU).
  4. Install Joomla’s virtuemart or WordPress’s woocommerce plugin in order to achieve electronic payments.
  5. Choose, if you need, our web conference, & webinars services for remote online training with fully interactive possibilities



Dealing with Education? Organizing Seminars?


  • Create pretty quickly and with easy steps your own remote lessons school on internet
  • Support and modernize your current school, expanding your geographical boundaries
  • Have a closer look on what your e-learning website can support
  • Find out what can an e-learing service be
  • We will study for you, moodle LMS or wordpress LMS or Guru LMS
  • Consult us how we will organize your webinars or your online courses
  • Ask us to show you how webinars and online meeting platform works



Contact us for anything you need to ask or if you want to discuss your project. You will analyse your thoughts and plan and we can tell you what you will need to accomplish your targets

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