Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing consist one of the most effective and cheap ways to expand your customer list. Keep in touch and inform your customers.

In a few words the newsletter is not only an advertising but also a marketing tool. You may send newsletters to mailing lists and inform them about yours company news, new products or services, new deals etc.

What iservices can do about you in order to create an attractive and effective newsletter

  • Newsletter Prototype Design

    We design the prototype taking into account the attractiveness and the colors of you company, the content and your customers.

  • We can train you upon newsletter design and send

    We will train you upon newsletter’s design in order to be attractive and responsive with every browser in order to consist a bridge between your e-shop and your customers. Simultaneously we suggest you alternative way to send it, leaving up to you the choice.

Contact us for anything you need to ask or if you want to discuss your project. You will analyse your thoughts and plan and we can tell you what you will need to accomplish your targets

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