Hotels booking engine, channel manager, PMS, mobile apps

and other online hotel services

Have a look at the characteristics an e-booking website or application iservices can grant for you:

  • Website design, fully responsive on tables and smartphones.
  • Installation of e-booking application with management system.
  • Link your website with Channel Manager Application (expedia, etc. – total 70 OTA portals, Online Travel Agencies)
  • Rate Checker application in order to observe the competitors prices in real time
  • Fount Application for online link with booking engine platforms and Google Hotel Finder, tripadvisor, trivago, Jetrader
  • PMS ZaK, management platform for hotels and general tourist services on online Control Panel. It can connect with your booking engine platform and your Channel Manager.

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Our Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager services:

Booking engine

Insert online reservation booking application on your website.

The online reservation booking application, allows the user to automate the booking actions through his online control panel, spending less time and money.

It is addressed to hotel companies which aim on updating their existing or creating new online – real time services with the easiest, quickest, most secure, most productive and cheapest way.

Increase your sales by using iservices online booking platform, fully responsive on smartphones and tables. Monitor all the reservations, get statistical data and update the reservation availability on real time.

You can add offers and deals or use discount coupons. You may also use Bids.

  • 100% secure
  • Prepaid reservations
  • Credit Card purchases
  • Link with channel manager
  • Synchronization with PMS application (reception)
  • Easy in use
  • Friendly on visitors
  • Attractive adapt of bookingengine

Deals Configuration Options

In particular there is the ability:

  • Set deals packets for a specific time
  • Manage different every day of the week
  • Set the minimum in advance payment
  • Set the deals regarding the overnight stays
  • Extra benefits excluded from deals
  • Create deal conditions
  • Combine deals
  • Optional customer identification through credit card
  • Set visible or invisible the deals
Online booking για ξενοδοχεία
Rate Checker

Monitor the competition.

Avoid high cost, check competitor’s strategies, be competitive, exploit high seasons.

Monitor competitor’s prices and availability.

Get automated updates and create competitor history

Charges based on the amount of competitors you monitoring.


Advantage the promotion from the most widespread site which offers services to travelers.
Online Booking Partners

Link them with the online booking engine, pulling visitors to your site. With iservices Fount service you can link your online booking platform with:

  • Google Hotel Price Ads (google hotel finder)

    While a traveler is looking for a hotel on your region, google suggests your bookingengine website. It concerns google searches on google maps, google plus and google sites.

  • Tripadvisor, TripConnect eReviewExpress

    Tripadvisor suggests your bookingengine to your customers. Get advantaged by Tripadvisor traffic.

  • Trivago

    Trivago consist the most popular tourism platform, which can be linked with your bookingengine through fount.

  • JetRadar

    JetRadar consist a search engine for airplane tickets. Regarding the destination JetRadar suggests yours Hotel with link in your bookingengine.


  • Low Cost
  • Easy increase and reservation monitor from other sites
  • Effectiveness
  • Fully manageable
Online booking για ξενοδοχεία

ZaK – is a cloud (no installation is needed) administration program for hotels and general tourist services. Accessible via internet can be linked with your online booking engine and Channel Manager.

With ZAK you can easily administrate:

  • Rooms and customers
  • Reservations
  • Deals
  • Secure Links for customer reservation
  • Secure
  • Analytics and reports

Extra for ZAK:

Meals: Create pricelists and meals conditions regardless the number of rooms

Extras services: Insert extra services (newspaper deliveries, bike leasing etc.) with autonomous operation ability

Broom Paper: Organize and prepare rooms cleaning



Rooms and customer administration


Create customer log with details. Insert companies, people and travel agents (unlimited)


Unlimited rooms number with fully administration


Easy administration system. Reservations without real assignment so that you can check yourself the assignments


Create and administrate new deals

Time Charts

Autonomous offer and reservation updates


Create benefits with different costs, assign them with reservation offers etc


Cleaning programming, add new services, meal pricelists

Online Reservation

Email with reservation details


Certified system with global organizations certifications


Create and administrate prices regarding the number of customer per room etc


Statistics and reports on purchases


Auto receipts creation, pdf, email delivery, reservation details

Link with another PMS

If you don’t want to change your PMS we can link (through API) our services on your desktop application.

  • Complete management: Link your platform with our services and administrate your reservations in real time
  • Documentation: User manual for every action
  • Virtual environment: Experiment in a virtual environment, get known with the service
  • XmlRPC: XML libraries to avoid a lot and complex programming
  • Total Support: Consult us on every problem you deal with
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