What an iservice web conference service offers?

Create your own channel, take advantage of what a webconference, online meeting and webminars platform can do for you.

  • Accomplish webconferences without any distance, time or number of participant limitations
  • Organize remote education seminars, either intercompany nor to third parties,
  • Organize workshops with interactivity possibilities
  • Combine webconference with e-learning platform for synchronous online education sections

We can undertake yours seminar, webconference or workshop online organization.
We can also create yours webconference or webinars service and train you in order to use it effectively.

Have a look at ours online meeting & webinars platform (It was created with Bigbluebutton platform).

Take a tour at iservices online demo channel and try out platform possibilities.


Contact us for anything you need to ask or if you want to discuss your project. You will analyse your thoughts and plan and we can tell you what you will need to accomplish your targets

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