Do you offer delivery services?

Gain new customers with the online ordering application

▶ from computers & mobile.

  • ▶ Give life to your business
  • ▶ Get the most up-to-date way of ordering via internet or mobile phones WITHOUT “partners” with subscriptions or rates on your sales.
  • ▶ Attract new, dynamic and young audience
  • ▶ Increase your sales


What iservices online order application gives you?

  • The most modern and organized way of receiving and servicing orders. Your customers or new customers will be able to order very easily:
  1. a) From the computer while they are at home, at work or at home friends
  2. b) From their mobile phone in the same easy way, wherever they are (home, work, street, neighborhood park, etc.).

You automatically receive the order in your mail or by direct printing to a thermal printer.

Your customers order at no cost without waiting if your phone line is busy And at the same time … enjoy the easy-to-use and direct way of ordering online, using their computer or mobile phone.

  • It also provides you with the opportunity to win the most up-to-date and dynamic audience: Young people, those who are engaged in the internet and use the new technologies, those who use smartphones mobile phones and want to make use of their capabilities.

How does iservices online order applications works

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