Photorealism, 3D, flash applications

Use of advanced 3D programs or flash applications, offers the possibility of presenting an idea, a design, a product or a project which has not yet materialized in virtual conditions.The three-dimensional imaging has become widely known for its exploitation mainly in architecture with the introduction of three-dimensional residential and building complexes. But few know that the photorealism can be a valuable tool in medicine, virtual product presentation in their natural environment, showcasing works of art and in many other applications. The photorealistic applications that we create can be applied to your own website highlighting all the benefits of the services or products you offer.

  • See a photorealistic application, where are presented various fabrics, and wooden surfaces.

Click with the mouse on the furnitures, the curtain, the carpet.

  • See how a carpet is shown in an application in the physical space.

Click with the mouse in each of the carpets, left of image.

  • See how the visitor in your website can move an object (telephone) using the mouse.

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