S.E.O. & e-marketing

Do you know the importance of SEO and e-marketing? A website or e-shop creation related immediately with the target that the owner has set (etc. ideas promotion, profile boosting of himself or his business, indirect support of wholesale or retail sales, direct sales and consequently defined revenue target etc.)

No matter how good is or become your website (or your e-shop) by aesthetics side, functionality and content, only a few people would be able to see if it is not designed and implemented, customized especially for your site e-marketing campaign and mainly SEO (promotion works at search engines) and social media campaign.

Without e-marketing campaign your website will  be seen by those who know you already and few people who will find it accidentally searching on web.

How an e-marketing campaign done, what includes, what the targets are

The e-marketing campaign starts from the valuation of your site (if there is already) or much better from the proper preparation when it is created. (Design and operation system friendly to search engines, content properly structured and edited words – keywords, so the promotion at search engines to be with favorable conditions.

Subsequently can be selected SEO methods(Search Engine Optimization), promotion with social media development, Sponsored links (with adwords of Google use or and (yahoo, Microsoft,, start2click etc.), e-mail marketing or and affiliate marketing.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or «promotion at search engines» is a web strategy that targets, after the appropriate conditions, your website to be placed between first at search engines rating, when internet users will search one of the words or key phrases «keywords» that we have preselected together. In this way, without significant cost, the users who don’ t know you but they search for information, services or products according to what you offer can see your website.

SEO-1What SEO package that we offer for your website includes

Every improvement plan of your website position at ranking in search engines is completely customized and includes:

Website preliminary analysis, competitive website analysis and SEO features comparison with yours, conformation of appropriate keywords and proper placement at the website, enrichment of website code, URL optimization, submission to all important directories and search engines, XML and HTML sitemaps, robots txt and robot meta tags. Securing website crawlability and synchronization, monthly reports for promotion efficacy and new continuous correction moves to have the best result.

Social media development

Social media were developed so much and have become the most significant information media, as for their use alongside SEO  for strengthening and promotion design of your websites, is considered necessary. Ask us how you can design your own pages on social media (Facebook, twitter, youtube, Flickr etc) or how we can help you.



Sponsored links (Pay Per Click)

A very effective way of your website advertising on internet, is advertisement with “Sponsored links” or adwords when it’ s about Google. Your website appears at the top or at the right side of the page result after of each search of a specific word keyword by internet user (The word or phrase key must be between that we have selected for your website).

This view is definite way of prepaid advertising having the most important advantage that appeals to perfectly targeted audience, everybody who search information, services or products, will see the website, with words we have preselected. The second important benefit of this specific ad format is that you pay don’ t for those that will see your advertisement but only for them that will do click in this and will enter your page, Pay Per Click (PPC).

That means that the advertiser displayed in an audience that it ‘s interested in his website content and the relationship price/performance is so great. The most popular and efficient advertising program is Google’ s with the known program adwords, but similar programs have Yahoo (Search Marketing), Microsoft (Adcenter), with program Inclicks (Pay per Impression) and there is also Start2click program(similar view PPC in specific websites)

You can organize and manage these programs alone. If you don’ t have time or you want professional confrontation, then ask us how we design and create your own advertising campaign PPC.

Affiliate marketing

The term describes the relationship between the advertiser or merchant and the affiliate (or publisher), according to the second (site or blog) promote visitors at the first website (site or e-shop usually) and he is payed only if the visitors make an agreed energy (most of the time this energy is a buy).

Iservices is partner of a big company affiliate marketing in Greece and can organize for you an effective affiliate campaign.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing includes design, organization, sending and newsletter observation fragmentary or repeatedly in list of acceptable which you have. In this way you succeed regular communication with specific recipients either for their continuous updating,or for information, ideas or products promotion. For newsletter design we follow international templates with purpose to achieve ideal size and adaptability in all synchronous email clients..

We form together the e-mail campaign design according to your needs and targets and we inform you with detailed statistics. (How many of the receivers have received the newsletter, how many have read it, how many entered to your website based on newsletter etc.).


*As for the campaigns we HOWEVER obey all the instructions ( hellenic and communal) according to the legislation about SPAM.

Contact us for anything you need to ask or if you want to discuss your project. You will analyse your thoughts and plan and we can tell you what you will need to accomplish your targets

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