Website Creation and Design

iservices undertakes the creation and design of dynamic websites, regarding your needs and demands. We aim on the perfect result combining the best relation between cost and efficiency.

We create:

  • Personal or Corporate Simple Websites,
  • Business and Corporate Dynamic Websites,
  • Portals,
  • Specialized web services and databases.

iservices leverages open source platforms and creates custom services, tailored to every customer. On every project we ensure the possibility to our customer to administrate their website by their own even if it consists a complex code management system (data, images, sounds).

iservices dynamic websites includes Basic Characteristics and Possibilities, as:

  • Use of Accessibility Standards as they have defined from Computer Community and international standards (W3C, WAI etc.).
  • Design individualization or special design from scratch
  • Slideshow or Photogallery on home page
  • Continuous update on real time and easy browsing
  • Multilanguage websites (Greek, English etc.)
  • Smartphone and tablet template responsiveness
  • Design with CSS Standards in order to create attractive, functional, friendly to visitors and search engines websites, taking into account customer’s needs and desires
  • Content adjustment on categories and sub-categories
  • Friendly and easy to use control panel for webmasters
  • Compatibility with every well-known browser
  • Easy text placement , support of every letter, effect, fonts and punctuations
  • Multilanguage content support
  • Easy image, video and data placement
  • Instant page preview on creation
  • Upgradeability on “Return On Investment” (R.O.I.) in order to save money, human resources and time
  • Contact Form (antispam captcha and google maps support)
  • Automate and manual metadata import in order to achieve friendliness with search engines and highly valuation from Google
  • Support of Advertising banners.
  • Training above the Code Management Systems
  • Subscription on Google analytics for better administrative performance

iservices has developed basic websites categories based on their characteristics that includes:

  • Personal website
  • Club website
  • Companyproducts website
  • Portal
  • E-shop

* Every website is personalized according to customer’s needs and demands, as well as custom services are also supported.


Contact us for anything you need to ask or if you want to discuss your project. You will analyse your thoughts and plan and we can tell you what you will need to accomplish your targets

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