Web TV or Web radio with live streaming and video streaming construction

Iservices undertakes WebTV or WebRadio websites construction with live streaming and video streaming (on demand) possibilities.

Live streaming service (via internet) used for political speeches broadcasting, events (election, business, associations and organizations etc.), sports events, conferences, and presentation products, medical or other scientific presentations.

Video streaming (on demand μετάδοση)

A similar use is the video streaming service (or video on demand) except that the transmission is not live. The video is posted on the website (the server) and each user can watch it when he wants.

Video streaming service is certainly less expensive and has broader applications, because apart from the political arena where it is used for political messages, broadcast interviews, gatherings and events, is particularly popular and useful for the online product presentation, studies, works, medical and other scientific presentations, workshops, conferences, operating machinery, etc.

WebTV or WebRadio sites that construct iservices respond to the most demanding requirements of new technologies enabled impeccable transmission via computer, tablet or smartphone.

WebTV or WebRadio website – what include

WebTV or WebRadio websites features that we construct include:

  • Friendly and modern design, with modern functionality

  • Convenient and easy navigation for even the most inexperienced internet users

  • Automatic operation and programming for continuous program flow 24/7

  • Opportunity online or offline to chat with listeners – viewers

  • Create ad playlist

  • live or recorded broadcast (on demand) emissions

  • Operation news blog with categorized news

  • Interactive functions creation by posting comments, sending articles, video, proposals etc.

  • Sort sections / groups of songs and videos

  • Presentation of Webtv or WebRadio program per week and per day

  • Show each broadcast separately

  • Presentation of emitters

  • Show event, as, concerts, conferences and other events with the calendar row and displaying a map

  • Special code optimization work to be effective in SEO work (SEO friendly)

  • Extras complete SEO work be evaluated positively by Google to your website and comes up in the search engines

  • Field newsletter to register and update listeners – viewers

  • Hosting on fast servers

  • Connectivity with all social media

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Webtv (portfolio project)

Eklogika web TV

Web TV creation for political news website eklogika.gr (webtv.eklogika.gr)

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